To begin, get the barrel and throw it at Luigi for 1P or Mario for 2P
All instructions are in game
Konkey Dong
Ever wondered what it would be like to reverse roles and play as Donkey Kong trying to keep Mario from rescuing the princess? Well, wonder no more, because just like the lettering swap, Konkey Dong does exactly that! Collect the barrels that randomly drop from the sky and throw them at the Marios and Luigis that climb the ladders trying to save the princess. You lose if any of them reach her so be careful and throw those barrels as strategically as possible. Also be careful not to let the falling barrels land on your head or else you'll lose any barrels you were carrying and be stunned for a moment. This game even has a 2 player mode where the 1st player is Donkey Kong and the 2nd player gets to be Mario. See the game for all instructions.
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